Friday, February 15, 2013

My love for The Doctor

I'm such a Whovian, it's a little ridiculous. Doctor Who is hands down my favorite television show of all time. It's taken over my life in some of the craziest ways! (For those of you not familiar, look up the show and get back to me. Most of the new series is on Netflix. GO WATCH IT!)

(^^Listen to that as you read this. It'll make my blog seem waaaaaaay more epic than it actually is.)

First and foremost, it's made me realize that anything's possible. Watching that show makes me feel like a kid again. It makes me want to escape to the farthest reaches of the universe and go on the most amazing unforgettable adventures of a life time with my new best friend (and lover, if it's David Tennant), The Doctor.

Of all the possible adventures I could go on with The Doctor, I think what I'd most look forward to is trash-talking Martha Jones with him. I'm pretty sure I could convince him that she was awful. It's like, OK Martha, we get it. You're a med. student. I don't need to hear about it every time someone gets a paper cut. Seriously Martha Jones, drop dead. Maybe your crazy doctor "skillz" will bring you back to life. Oh wait! They won't, will they? They would though if you were a doctor like "The Doctor", right? Isn't that you're favorite go-to joke? "I'm going to be a doctor and you're The Doctor!" But you're still just a med. student, aren't you Martha Jones? Oh well. Just shut up and die. Thanks.

You know who my favorite companions are? I'm absolutely in love with Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Amy and Rory Pond, River Song, Captain Jack, Mickey. Everyone but Martha F*@#ing Jones.

The Doctor's an incredible man though. Maybe he's brilliant enough to talk me into liking her. It'd be his greatest challenge yet.

As much as I love Doctor Who, it certainly has it's fair share of creepy episodes that make me at least a little afraid of the most insane things, like:
1. My own shadow/any sort of darkness.
2. Weeping Angels.
3. Mannequins.
4. People copying what I say. ("People copying what I say.")
5. My GPS.
6. Water (And not even bodies of water. A glass of water.)
7. My television.
8. Doll houses.
9. Ghosts.
10. Invisible chicken monsters.
11. Drumming in patterns of 4.
12. Losing the love of my life in a parallel dimension.
13. Forgetting the love of my life.
14. Christmas.
15. Little girls who draw.
16. Giant libraries.
17. Ticking clocks.
18. Giant wasps.

...The list goes on. It's an incredible show though, regardless of the trauma it causes me. It's moved me to tears more times than I can count and made me laugh until I hurt.

Do you watch Doctor Who? If so, who's your favorite/least favorite companion and why? And what has Doctor Who made you terrified of?

If you don't watch Doctor Who, watch it. Also, if you don't, has a TV show ever made you afraid of something?

Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. I love Doctor Who as well, but I still haven't watched all the episodes yet. I'm working on it though through Netflix lol and I still need/want to watch Portlandia as well :3

    1. I loooved Portlandia. There's so many guest stars in that, it's awesome.