Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Love for K-Kups

I'm completely obsessed with any and all K-Cups. I think Keurig single serving machines are a miracle on their own, but the K-Cups themselves are another thing all together.

I really love coffee and the fact that it comes in tons of different flavors. That's not to say I love all of it's flavors (I hate pretty much anything dark roasted) but I love the variety. I'm pretty confident in saying that my kitchen counter (and drawer) has more variety than most cafe's out there. You want a chi latte? I gotchu. Hot milk chocolate not your thing? That's ok, I've got dark hot chocolate comin' atcha. You just want a flavored coffee? Ok, I've got Wild Mountain Blueberry, Creme Brulee, Mochoa Coconut, Island Coconut, Chocolate Rasberry Truffle (<---that one's kinda gross), Chocolate Glazed Donut, Cinnamon Roll, French Toast, Gingerbread Cookie, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and the list goes on... (Honorable tea mentions: mint tea, black tea, and raspberry iced tea.)

It's kind of rediculious how much I love buying K-Cups. The highlight of any trip to the mall is walking by the place that sells K-Cups individually. It's the best deal (24 for $15) and you get to pick your own! Every time I go, I leave with at least 48. I should definitely only go there with my husband's supervision.

I've gotten better about going to places like Target and buying boxes of them, but I'm not perfect. My favorite thing about buying the boxes instead of the pick-your-own, is that I can tear off the flap on the side of the box and stack them for easy access. When I get enough of them, it looks like a wall of boxes of K-Cups, and it's fantastic. The random ones I buy individually end up going in the kitchen drawer, but the wall next to my Keurig is all K-Cups.

I will say though, the worst thing about my obsession with K-Cups is that I rarely (if ever) have a K-Cup of regular, plain as day, old fashioned coffee. Whenever my parents visit and see my lack of "real" coffee, they get the same attitude as my mom when she's exposed to any sort of new technology; even though you say it'll make her life better, it's too new and complicated for her to give the time of day. That said, this is the same woman who said chocolate chip waffles sounded gross. You know what, mom? YOU SOUND GROSS!

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