Friday, March 15, 2013

My hatred for neighboring bagels.

I'm sick to friggin' death of everyone saying the best bagels.

When I lived in upstate New York, it was nearly impossible for me to enjoy a bagel without someone saying, "You think that's good? You should have a Montreal bagel! They're out of this world!"

Now that I live under an hour away from Boston, all anyone talks about is how awesome the bagels in Boston are.

You know what? Maybe a bagel is a bagel and we should all just sit down in the current city we're living in, shut up, and eat whatever bagel we're given. I have yet to find a bagel that's made me swear off any and all other bagels for the rest of my life. Take any bagel (minus any that contain raisins... are you trying to poison me?) slap some cheese and bacon on it, and I'll eat it.

Make no mistake either; it's not like I'm not extremely picky about food. I have my brands and whatnot that I love, I just don't understand the fuss over something that's supposed to be as simple as a bagel. I guess I haven't lived until I've had a Montreal bagel and I don't know what a real bagel tastes like until I've had a Boston bagel, but you know what? It's a bagel. You know who else has bagels? Dunkin Donuts.

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